Monday, May 4, 2009

How to Really Save Money Shopping

One of the great things about coupons is that you can get what you really want instead of always going to the store brand area. Not that there is anything wrong with store brands, it’s just that more often than not, selection is limited. I like to try different items and that’s another big draw to coupons.

But you can walk into the store with a bunch of coupons and still not save any money. How? By not watching your pennies! Probably the easiest way I have found is to go to the store with only cash. Not the check book, not the debit card, just plain ole’ cash! I take a pen and paper and round everything up to the next dollar and then add 10% for tax. That gives me a buffer. By what’s on your list and keep your running total. Older kids are a great help with keeping track of your items.
Here’s an example:
Tea bags 2.89
Coupon for $1.00 off any size tea bags = $1.89 rounded to the nearest dollar is $2.00.
I would then add my 10% for tax so I would figure that item cost $2.20. Again, 10% id s little high but that gives you some room if you didn’t calculate quite right.
Try cash, it works!

Dollar General Savings!

I like Dollar General and it seems like they are all over the country. The have good everyday deals and their specials are even better.
This week: 10 items for $10-sixty choices!