Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Program
Starts Soon
Here’s the scoop on the deal:
1. Kids can read any eight books
2. The kids keep a journal and write about their favorite part of the book. The parent signs off the journal
3. Bring your journal to a Barnes & Noble store between May 26th and September 7,2009.
4. Kids get a free book!
Freebie of the Day
Airborne Zesty Orange
I really like this stuff and keep is handy during cold and flu season. No , it doesn’t work on the swine flu. That’s a whole different problem..........

I am hungry but nothing is really grabbing me. Give me some ideas. What is your favorite food?
Looking for a Washer and Dryer?
Take a look at this from slickdeals.net

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