Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Free CroisSONIC Breakfast Sandwich

Enter your email address to receive a coupon for a FREE CroisSONIC Breakfast Sandwich with the purchase of a large drink.
Sonic is getting better at getting coupons out and I will keep you advised as to all the latest and greatest!

New Target Coupons Here
The new Target coupons are out and available. Don’t forget to watch for sales and to put the manufacturer’s coupons together with store coupons for maximum savings!
Thanks Bargain Jargon!

$1.00/2 off Kraft salad dressing
$1.00/2 off Kraft mayo
$1.00/2 off Triscuit
$1.00/2 off Kraft Cheese
$1.00/2 off Maxwell house coffee
$1.00 off 14 ct Capri Sun
$1.00/2 off Kool Aid or Capri Sun
$1.00 off Ritz
$1.00/2 off Oscar Meyer lunch meat
$1.00 off Nabisco 100 calorie packs
$1.00/2 off Puperoni
$1.00 off bulk apples (Makes FREE Apples @ Super Target)
$1.00 off Quaker snacks
$1.00 off Golden Plump fresh chicken
$ .50 off Pringles
$ .75 off Target body wash
$ .75 off Target cleaning product
$1.00 off Contonelle bath tissue

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